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BEST SELLER Eco Car Diffuser

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Better Than Any Air Freshener! Love this diffuser! It's been so hard to find an air freshener for my car that isn't overpowering, but this is it! You can choose what oils to use so it smells the way you like, and it looks so pretty in the car. Also makes an awesome gift for anyone who likes essential oils.


Renee is so passionate and knowledgeable it's a treat to talk oils with her. I'm a total slave to my nose and I can honestly say that after meeting Renee, Chanel #5 went into the bin, all I ever do now is enjoying the scents from these beautiful oils. on my skin, in my car, in my diffuser at home, and in my bath.


I am so impressed, this is a simple but perfect idea! 5 drops of Wild Orange and my car has the most amazing not too strong but just pleasant smell. Its so much better than the artificial car smelly things! I'm a customer for life and all my friends and family will be getting this as a gift!



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