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Wooden arōmaLEAF
Wooden arōmaLEAF

Wooden arōmaLEAF

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Designed & Made in Australia

Uses Pure Essential Oils

This little leaf is so versatile. You can simply add about 5-7 drops of your favourite Essential Oil to the wood and hang anywhere from your rear vision mirror to your closet or...anywhere!

Just add about 4-6 drops of your favourite essential oil and it will absorb into the wood, creating a beautiful aroma that lasts a few days. Just add more when you notice the aroma fading.

Ideas the Wooden arōmaLEAF could go:

    • Hang up in your car
    • Hang up in your gym or work locker
    • Hang up in the caravan
    • Hang near a window in a small space
    • Hang in your wardrobe (cedarwood is great for moths)
    • Hang as a decoration on your Christmas Tree

Once you have one, you may want more. A nice cheap and simple way to diffuse natural, non toxic, essential oils into your car, home or office.

But get in quick! Stocks are limited!

Take nature with you...

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