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Seasonal Essentials Wellness Box - Starter Pack

Seasonal Essentials Wellness Box - Starter Pack

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ONLY $148

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We've combined all your doTERRA favourites in the Seasonal Essentials Wellness Box Starter Pack!

You'll receive:

• Easy Air® Clear Blend 15mL
• Easy Air® Touch Clear Blend 10mL
• Easy Air® Clear Drops
• On Guard® Touch Protective Blend 10mL
• On Guard® Sanitising Mist 27mL
• Peppermint essential oil 15mL
• Eucalyptus essential oil 15mL
• Tea Tree essential oil 15mL
• Lavender essential oil 15mL
• Wholesale Membership ($35 fee waived)

CPTG® Certifed Pure Tested Grade

To purchase at wholesale, Click HERE and follow the prompts. Just click SEASONAL ESSENTIALS WELLNESS BOX. Your kit will be shipped directly to you from your nearest doTERRA warehouse.
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