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Seasonal Essentials Wellness Box

Seasonal Essentials Wellness Box

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We've combined all your doTERRA favourites in the Seasonal Essentials Wellness Box Starter Pack!

You'll receive:

• Easy Air® Clear Blend 15mL
• Easy Air® Touch Clear Blend 10mL
• Easy Air® Clear Drops
• On Guard® Touch Protective Blend 10mL
• On Guard® Sanitising Mist 27mL
• Peppermint essential oil 15mL
• Eucalyptus essential oil 15mL
• Tea Tree essential oil 15mL
• Lavender essential oil 15mL
• Wholesale Membership ($35 fee waived)

CPTG® Certifed Pure Tested Grade

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To purchase at wholesale, Click HERE and follow the prompts. Just click SEASONAL ESSENTIALS WELLNESS BOX. Your kit will be shipped directly to you from your nearest doTERRA warehouse.
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