Bulk Food Storage Bag

Bulk Food Storage Bag

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Bulk Food Bag by Onya 

Stock up your pantry the easy way!

BPA Free Food Safe  - Made From 100% recycled plastic drink bottles

Bulk food shopping is a great way of ensuring that we pick up fresh produce, but it's not always easy to transport the stuff from one location to another. If you're sick of dragging a whole lot of jars, bags, tuppaware pots and other containers to the local market, this bulk food bag is the perfect solution.

These reusable bags are created entirely from recycled plastic drinking bottles that would otherwise be polluting the oceans, and they're devoid of BPA, chlorine or anything else that could be considered toxic. Each bag also contains a window to peek into so you'll have an idea of what's in your pantry once it's been refilled, and you can scrawl notes directly into the transparent window to mark up what's found in each bag.

Coming in a tasteful charcoal shade that will fit into any kitchen colour scheme, this large bag is 40cm long and 21cm wide, with a gusset of around 10.5cm to ensure that you can store plenty of goodness. Order yourself one today, and start a new life of eco-friendly bulk shopping!