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FREE SHIPPING on aromaLEAF orders
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2 x arōmaLEAF Eco Car Diffusers
2 x arōmaLEAF Eco Car Diffusers
2 x arōmaLEAF Eco Car Diffusers
2 x arōmaLEAF Eco Car Diffusers

2 x arōmaLEAF Eco Car Diffusers

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BUY 2 Car Diffusers & Save! + FREE SHIPPING 

The NEW Australian Designed - Eco-Friendly Car Diffuser

Everyone's making the change to using Essential Oils in their Car....But Why?

Because most other car diffusers are filled with horrible and harmful Toxic Chemicals!

Just Add Essential Oils to your stunning new....arōmaLEAF Car Diffuser

This BRAND NEW Australian Designed - Eco Friendly Car Diffuser will not only LOOK GREAT in your car, but it will also create a pure and natural scent for you to enjoy as you drive.

Other benefits include:

  • Made from 100% RECYCLED PLASTIC! 
  • Eco-Friendly materials - Eco cotton pads & linen bag
  • Sustainable Packaging - that's reusable & recyclable 
  • Locally designed in Australia - Supporting Australian women in business
  • Comes with all 3 coloured front pads to suit your car and style (Green, Azure & Slate)
  • Comes with 3 coloured back pads to to add your essential oils to. These are also washable.
  • Simply add Essential Oils to the back pad and you're good to go.
  • The Perfect Gift! Comes in a classic eco linen bag with our logo which is designed big enough to fit a few of your favourite essential oils into also.

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