How much is shipping?

Shipping costs are usually $8 for orders under 500 grams or $12 for orders over 500 grams. If your order is over $49 we will ship it to you for FREE as a thank you for your business.

When should my product arrive?

Please give us a few days to process your order and then within Australia, it should arrive within 7-14 working days. Please be patient though as we are only a very small family business. 

Do you gift wrap?

Our packages come in an eco-linen pouch and as we are an eco-friendly company, we try to avoid extra packaging. If you require a gift sent that is wrapped, please send us a message in the check out section.

Can I order extra absorbent pads?

Yes you can! But you can also just wash them and re-use the ones you have. For other items - yes, please just contact us to purchase some extra pads at a small cost.

Are the eco lily pads washable?

Yes! The pads that you add essential oils onto are washable. Just hand wash them with a little natural soap and warm water and allow to dry. I do not recommend washing the front leaf pad.

How long with the scent last in the aromaLEAF Car Diffuser?

That depends on the essential oil used. If you use a stronger oil like Peppermint, then you can expect that it will last 3-4 days. More subtle scented essential oils, like Wild Orange, may need more drops or to be topped up every couple of days. Usually about 5-6 drops on the leaf pad should last about 3 days. There is a little slot at the back to add just a couple of drops of oil quickly.

What Essential Oils do you recommend to use in the aromaLEAF?

Something fresh and uplifting like: Lemon Eucalyptus is always a winner. Citrus oils are nice but they don't last as long due to their chemical compounds. Peppermint with lemongrass is another favourite of mine too. I love diffusing doTERRA Balance - grounding blend in the car when I want be calm and relaxed. If you need to freshen up the smell of your car then try diffusing Eucalyptus, doTERRA Purify blend,  Lemongrass, Tea Tree or a combination of these with some fresh citrus.


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