Buy doTERRA Oils

How to Buy dōTERRA Essential Oils

I often get ask...What is the best way to get doTERRA?

The best and cheapest way to buy doTERRA is with a Starter Pack. These are bundled at less than wholesale and they also include the Wholesale Membership (normally $35) which gives you 25% off all your doTERRA products for a year! But you can also just pay a $35 membership and choose your own products too. There’s no need to order monthly or even ever again, yes really! 

Here’s the most popular starter packs:

1. Nature’s Solutions - Everything you need to get started on your Essential Oil Journey. HUGE SAVINGS HERE!  $645

Click HERE  > Choose - Nature's Solutions Starter Pack



2. DAILY USAGE KIT - Top 10 Oils x 5ml, 4 Popular Oils, Ice Blue Rub, Toothpaste, Shampoo + Conditioner, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Cleaner Concentrate, Petal 12 hr Diffuser, DDR Prime - Cellular Support Capsules. HUGE SAVINGS HERE!  $599

Click HERE > Choose the 'Daily Usage - Starter Pack'


3. Home Essentials - Starter Pack This is the kit I started with!  Click HERE to order.



4. Family Essentials - Starter Pack $184  - 5ml Bottles


5. Bedtime Bliss - Starter Pack $172


7. Seasonal Essentials - Starter Pack $185


8. Active Sports - Starter Pack $194

9. Emotional Wellness - Starter Pack $226


Steps to Purchase

1. Click on my special link HERE 

2. Choose - Language + Country

3. Local OTG order  (if within Australia)

4. Choose - Wholesale Customer

5. Choose a Starter Pack - They are bundle priced at below wholesale prices or you can pay $35 for a wholesale membership. Continue  

6. Add in your details (Be sure the enroller is me, Renee Leach #2352727 so you get my support for life) 

7. Pay with your credit card

8. Your order is shipped direct to you from doTERRA

9. Look out for emails and info from me to send you your welcome pack + free ebooks, free app and info! x Renee

Not in Australia or NZ?
That’s okay. You can still just CLICK HERE to find out specials anywhere around the world and still get the support from me. 
You can then order whatever you want and when you want. There is no need to order every month, but if you do, they have an incredible rewards program called Loyalty Rewards or LRP.
If there is another promo that you have seen that is not above...just click on the links above and purchase in the same way. If you need help to order, just use the chat or flick me an email:
Chat to you soon!