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I use doTERRA Essential Oils...and LOVE teaching others how to live a more Natural Lifestyle with them.

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    Why Choose doTERRA Essential Oils?

    At arōmaLEAF we choose dōTERRA Essential Oils because they are certified using CPTG, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and third party testing.  Additionally, dōTERRA are impacting lives with Co-Impact Sourcing. This model supports farmers globally, helping to strengthen economies in developing countries and improving the livelihoods of our growers around the world.

    Wholesale Customer or Wellness Advocate?

    It's totally up to you. Someone who wants to share the essential oils and products with friends and family to earn free oils or commissions should they choose Wellness Advocate. A Wholesale Customer can just buy at 25% off for a whole year but does not have the freedom to share with friends and family, earning the commissions. Most people do like to share and have some 'Play money' so they usually choose Wellness Advocate. After the year is up, you both still pay only $25 to renew your account and get a free Peppermint oil too!

    After you learn about how you'd like to get your hands on some essential oils, you have 2 choices:

    1. SHOP - For full retail prices or

    2. JOIN & SAVE - Wholesale prices 25% Off!

    This gives you 25% off retail by adding in some details. You will not be committed to buy or on-sell to friends, just get 25% off for a whole year!

    Essential Oils at Wholesale Price - Save 25%

    Join the arōmaLEAF team and purchase your oils at the wholesale price of 25% off retail. You don’t need to order every month or sell to family and friends, unless YOU choose to. You simply get to save 25% for the year that you joined. No hidden clauses. I know! I thought the same when I first joined...'What's the catch?' I said! 'There is none?' Apparently yes...and looking back now, I am so glad I made that decision to bring these oils and natural products into my life and you can too. So you get... 

    •  No monthly spend requirement: You don’t need to order every month
    •  Option to receive 10-30% back in FREE product points
    •  Ability to receive product of the month FREE (conditions apply)
    •  Earn compensation and bonuses when sharing with others
    •  Be a part of aromaLEAF team and have support when you need it.
    •  The best and cheapest way to buy your oils and natural everyday   products from beauty to cleaning to supplements!
    •  For's a no-brainer! Delivered direct to your door, the most beautiful and pure essential oils and natural products with added bonuses & free stuff just for purchasing...It just makes so much sense!

    Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP) -  This is doTERRA’s monthly Loyalty Rewards Program. By activating your LRP right from the start you will earn 100% of your shipping costs back in points and up to 30% of what you spend back in points! I highly recommend setting up your LRP from day one, remembering that you can opt out and any time.  


    Renèe xo  


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     So What DO I get from Renee?

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