Eco Friendly Diffusers . Eco Products . Essential Oils
Eco Friendly Diffusers . Eco Products . Essential Oils
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Meet Renèe

Hey! My name is Renèe and I am the creator and owner at arōmaLEAF. I am a local start up business in Western Australia. I grew up in Denmark which is a great little town and lived on 100 acres where I rode horses, climbed trees and spent lots of time making cubby houses and being surrounded by trees. For those who have been to Denmark W.A, understand that the trees there are some of the largest in Australia, as it is close to the famous 'Valley of the Giants'.
The idea of arōmaLEAF was inspired by nature and my love of trees. I even used to doodle leaves all over my work at school. The initial idea started when I felt the need to have my essential oils with me while I travelled, in my car and during a holiday to Bali. I couldn't take all of them travelling with me (that would need another carry on!) and wanted something better than a wooden peg to diffuse my oils in my car and my Bali villa, that would look appealing to both women and men, and would also be aesthetically pleasing. 
I just wanted my essential oils everywhere I went because...well...they worked! So, after thinking that adding oils to a wooden peg in my car just looked ridiculous, I created my own design, based on the simple idea of the 'leaf'. I started with a (really bad) drawing and went from there. 
For me, it also had to be eco-friendly range of essential oil diffusers. I simply just want everyone to be able to breathe in pure and natural essential oils, wherever they go, without breathing in those nasty toxic chemicals.
Nowdays, I live 3 hours south of Perth in the stunning town of Dunsbrough on 5 acres with my husband Terry and my two fur babies, Chelsea (10 year old Huntaway) and Ziddles (12 year old thoroughbred - retired race horse).

Let's all breathe in nature we're meant to.