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I only choose to use doTERRA brand of essential oils. Years ago, I used many other brands and could never find the purity that I get with doTERRA. The essential oil industry is not regulated so packaging claims that say 100% pure or organic are not actually that. This is concerning when it comes to using them on my body and also on my fur babies.  These are the purest and most well-tested oils on the market today. I love this company and what they stand for too. When you purchase doTERRA Essential Oils from me, you are not only supporting my local business but you are also supporting small-scale farmers from around the globe!  

How to Buy Essential Oils

Just scroll down to select the individual essential oil you'd like. Alternatively, if you want a few oils then I would recommend starting with one of the below wholesale starter packs. You can purchase doTERRA as a Starter Pack and then save 25% on any future purchases. You do not have to buy every month or ever again...yes, really! I know I was surprised too! 

I recommend starting with a Home Essentials Starter Pack or any of the Starter Packs below, as they are packaged below wholesale price! 

  • Just click on my special link here: I want to purchase doTERRA at 25% off
  • Follow the prompts - Enter country, language and wholesale customer.
  • Add a Starter Pack or Wholesale Membership + products
  • Fill in your shipping and payment details
  • Your products will be shipped directly to you from your nearest doTERRA warehouse. 
  • You will then get a confirmation email and I will be in touch to support you on your journey! xo Renee
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