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FInally! The craziness is over and we return to simplicity throughout January, encouraging you to look to nature for the answers as you nourish your body, clean your home and care for one other. And we’re here to support you with credible, natural and Australian-made alternatives for low-tox living and better health and wellbeing.

Hi, I'm Renee, and after all the craziness of last year, I am looking forward to helping more people get onto their low tox + eco journey. Part of that, is by using these pure essential oils by doTERRA to support you. I cannot wait to show you! I love to just think about them as pure plant juices that are provided to us in concentrated little bottles that we can use to support us, our families and our homes...even our pets!



Some of my favourite ways to use essential oils as part of my everyday routine are:

1. Green cleaning my home - just need a few simple ingredients to get started. I will give you this info and all the recipes I use.

2. Making up roller blends for low tox perfumes

3.  Making up little first aid remedies for when things 'pop up' for my family.

4. Diffusing to clean the home / purify the air

5. For emotional support and relaxation

6. As part of my natural skincare routine.


There has never been a better time to save on your doTERRA Starter Pack than NOW!

30% off Starter Packs






30% Off Already Discounted

Wholesale Starter Packs

To start your low tox and oily journey today, and get an extra 30% OFF the already 25% off Starter Packs. Click HERE and follow the prompts to my special doTERRA link, to be sure that you have me as your oily guide and so I can send your a special welcome pack with all the goodies and info to get you started. (If you get stuck on what to do, be sure to check out my 'How to Buy Oils' page that has simple steps to purchase).

I don't recommend it but you can pay retail (RRP) by clicking SHOP at the top of my link but remember that you will pay full RRP and this is not giving you the best deal and you will not get free shipping.

Which One Is Best for Me?

Well, I started with the Home Essentials Starter Pack back in 2015 and paid $330 back then as it was good for me and my budget at the time, but I should have got the Nature's Solutions as I now love and use all those products too. I always do prefer to suggest this pack as it is the best value for money for every home and you can do so much with these top 10 oils. They are the larger 15ml bottles too, instead of the smaller 5ml bottles in the Family Essentials. 

This month the savings is the best I have ever seen! 

PLUS - New customers with 125pv or more on a Starter Pack will also receive our Australian made, dōTERRA clean Multi-Purpose Surface Spray absolutely FREE.

It’s the perfect introduction to a low-tox lifestyle and the ideal way to start the journey to better health and wellbeing.

Click HERE to get started or just check out the packs.

If you need further help, please feel free to reach out to me via email. If you get stuck on what to do, be sure to check out my 'How to Buy Oils' page that has simple steps to purchase.

Much Love,



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