Kitchen Loofah
Kitchen Loofah

Kitchen Loofah

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Kitchen or Body Loofah  - Just add water!

The loofah sponge is made from the pure fibers of the loofah plant, which makes them biodegradable. This brings you a lot closer to a zero-waste household.

Effective & non-scratch
The loofah sponge with natural fibers is perfect for scrubbing and is soft enough to not scratch your dishes, cookware, or countertops, and robust enough to remove all dirt and grease.

Good foaming performance
The dried loofah sponge looks thin and hard, but it swells and becomes soft after it has absorbed water. The loofah sponges foam well, which can reduce the amount of detergent used.

Durable & easy to store
The loofah sponge with sewing edge and tough structure. Cotton rope design makes it easy to hang on a wall hook.


1 biodegradable kitchen loofah with rope handle to hang to dry.

Compost at the end of use