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Are you keen to host a workshop either in-person or via Zoom online? 

  • Nature's Solutions for Everyday Problems (Recommended for first one)
  • Green + Low-Tox Cleaning
  • Naturally Healthy + Glowing Skin
  • Emotional Wellness Rituals

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I LOVE teaching workshops and classes and have done since 2016 when I first began with sharing these incredible essential oils and how potent and pure they are. Not only that, how they were making such a difference on the lives of those close to me. I just had to share this natural goodness...

You will be given a special host pack with lots of goodies to set you up for success on the day of the event. Even online classes, will get host pack sent if time allows. Hosting a class is very simple. You do not need to provide much for guests, just some water, seats and a light snack for afterwards. I encourage you to keep it simple and not worry too much about a perfectly clean house! People often feel more comfortable that way...

Cost - All workshops and classes are FREE unless otherwise stated. A small charge may be applied for incidental items like rollerballs, spray bottles, coconut oil or stickers as required.

Thanks so much + I look forward to helping on your journey with these incredible oils soon.

Renee xo


To fill out a request form and I will contact you very soon! 

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