SIMPLE + EASY DIY Foaming Hand Wash

DIY Super Easy Foaming Hand Wash...

With just 3 basic ingredients...

You'll need to buy or re-use a foaming handwash pump bottle for this recipe. Be sure it is a good quality so it lasts.

I love to use Amber Glass or Plastic ones.

Mine is 350 ml so just adjust to suit the recipe. You can always add more drops of essential oils if you'd like a stronger smell.

You can buy pump bottles online via my store, or at most good health food or eco stores.

I buy my Liquid Castile Soap in bulk to save on packaging. Be sure that this is unscented too. Some of these are super concentrated too, so check the labels.

You can use any pure food grade essential oils for this. I only use doTERRA brand as it's the best quality that I have found.

Some I love to use in this recipe are:

> On Guard - Protective blend
> Wild Orange Oil
> Lemongrass Oil
> Tea Tree Oil
> Or blend your own like, Peppermint + Lemon.

The cost of this is very very cheap....way less than ANY supermarket brand (even the cheap ones)

I think mine works out to be around $2 depending on how much your castile soap is that you buy. The cost of drops of essential oil is around $1.

It's also eco and low-tox as you keep re-using the bottle over and over again so you are not using all that plastic!

What's your favourite essential oil to put into a hand wash?

RL xo