The Best Natural Skincare that Works!

Let's talk Natural Skincare...One of my passions is ONLY using natural products on my skin.

Since I used the body shop carrot moisturizer on my face when I was in my 20s, to using other more expensive brands in my 30s...

Now that I am well into my 40s I am still using natural.

I love to make sure that I cleanse, tone and moisturize everyday, if not twice a day.

I have always done this...and I think it has certainly paid off, now I have got into my 40s.

For the last 5-6 years I have been using the Verage Skincare Kit by doTERRA Australia.

I also add in the Essential Skincare Hydrating Cream, especially at night on top of the serum.

I now add in Yarrow Pom Essential Oil which is incredible as well as the beauty blend - Sallubelle which is a blend of pure essential oils.

I moisturise my body with the plain doTERRA coconut oil or their beautiful body mist (it's like heaven in a tube)...

That's it!

I have NEVER had ANY cosmetic injections, fillers, botox or the like!

(or maybe wait until I am 50 in 5 years, then I might change my mind, but that's something I will see when I come to it)

I want to age gracefully and naturally...

I don't want to fill my face or skin full of nasty toxins that will be absorbed into my skin and go....well...into my bloodstream.


How about NOOOOOO!!

If you'd like to know more about my daily routine, just PM me or comment below.