Hey! I'm Renèe


If we’ve not really met before...here’s the low-down. 

🌳 Grew up on a 100 acre farm in country WA.
💛 Married 10 yrs to my gorgeous partner in crime & now avocado 🥑 farmer
💙 Proud step-mum #smumto the incredible woman T'mika.
🐕 Dog mum to Ziggy + a horse mum to Ziddles the horse🐴 - both rescued. #dogmum #horsemum
🤍 Founder at aromaLEAF since 2016. Designed aromaLEAF eco car diffusers 
🌊 Beach lover, snowboarder, horse rider, risk taker, party girl & hippy at heart...
🤓 Primary School Teacher of 17+ years.
⭐️ Forever obsessed with stars, rocks and four leaf clovers 
🌏 Worked + lived overseas for 5 years...was I coming back?!  No, but I did.
Ex #yachtie of 4.5 years like the ones on #belowdeck Ha!  yes....
✨ Sad story? Well...Not sure if it is now...I have not ‘birthed’ any kids...but had 3 little souls come & go (technically 5) #ivfjourney #miscarriageawareness
🌳 Live back in country WA on 5 acres & building our forever home 
💛 Never worry about ageing...You’ll look as old as you feel - my 40s are the best BUT I still feel 29!
🙏🏼 Don’t get stuck doing something you hate. You always have the freedom to choose CHANGE.
💛 Renèe xo