EASY DIY - 2 Ingredients Cleaning Spray

Easy DIY Low-Tox Cleaning Spray!

If you are still buying them at the supermarket then think about trying to make your own once that is finished.

Most supermarket cleaners are filled with endocrine disrupting chemicals and also are known to irritate our respiratory systems too.

I make this spray in literally 1 minute.

It costs less than $1.00!!

Why buy store bought cleaners when there are so many reasons why you can DIY.

You just need a few basic ingredients and you can buy a spray bottle at my store or at most good health food or eco stores.

I use doTERRA's On Guard Cleaner Concentrate but you can also use Liquid Castile Soap and a little white vinegar too.

My Recipe:

500ml Rain Water ( we are lucky to have this )
15ml On Guard Cleaner Concentrate (that is 1/2 a shot glass!)

That's it!

Just spray and wipe with a reusable eco cleaning cloth and refill your bottle over and over again!

You can also have the option to add some essential oils. Add 20 drops of essential oils for extra smell if you like. I love adding extra On Guard essential oil or Wild Orange.