DIY Natural Dishwashing Detergent with Essential Oils

Easy & Low Toxic


(That actually works!)




Cost per amount

Washing Soda

1 Cup or 250g


Baking Soda

1 Cup or 250g


Table Salt

½ Cup or 125g


Citric Acid

½ Cup or 125g


Essential Oils

(Combine dōTERRA Lemon, Grapefruit, Lime, Wild Orange and/or On Guard)

20-30 drops

(5c per drop dōTERRA Lemon)

$1.00 (min)


Total Cost of Toxic Free Powder




So, 1kg



is only $7.33

Other Highly Toxic Dishwashing Powders



 $11 + the cost of cleaning chemicals and toxic rinse aids

(cost is about $8 for cleaners and $7 rinse aid)


So, each tablespoon scoop ONLY $0.14 per load. Super cheap!

How to Make It?

Mix thoroughly all together until essential oils are mixed through. Store in an air tight container and include a tablespoon to just measure and add right away. Super easy!

What about Rinse Aid?

Guess what? There is No Need to buy toxic Rinse Aid either…just add white vinegar to the compartment.

 Dishwasher Cleaning

Clean your dishwasher regularly and easily using just 1 cup of White Vinegar and 1 cup of Bicarbonate of Soda. Make sure it’s empty and turn on using the hottest washing cycle.

Why Change?

You’re not only keeping toxic chemicals out of your home, but you’re also saving money and saving the environment by avoiding always buying those plastic containers. Just reuse your own. It is super easy to make once you have bought the ingredients.

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Have fun!

Nèe x

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