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5 Essential Oils for your Car, Without the Toxic Chemicals

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Does your car sometimes have a funny smell?

Do you want your car to smell clean & fresh and get benefits while you drive?

I’m going to tell you the TOP 5 doTERRA essential oils for your car, so you can be focused, relaxed & calm when spending time driving your car.

My name is Renee and I am the founder of ‘aromaLEAF’ and I've been using essential oils for about 20 years. ‘aromaLEAF’ helps people to lead a more natural and sustainable life without using harsh chemicals & in the simplest way possible. It combines the pure doTERRA Essential Oils & Eco-friendly Diffusers.

So, you probably have all used some form of car freshener at some stage of your life?  Maybe a little hanging tree thing or a vent diffuser? These are all filled with toxic chemical fragrances that are…well…REALLY REALLY TOXIC!!

So, for the benefit of you and your family and even your fur babies…choose essential oils over those nasty chemical filled car diffusers.

# 1 - Peppermint Oil is first because it not only helps keep you alert and focused (kind of important when you’re driving!), it is also good for kids with travel sickness. This oil blends well with: Wild Orange, Grapefruit & Lavender. Peppermint wholesale is only $26 (if you get a doTERRA account with me).

# 2 - Eucalyptus essential oil smells clean and fresh. It was used in WW1 to control the flu and infections. It is great for winter months and is a natural disinfectant. Eucalyptus works well with Peppermint too for a fresh and clearing scent. Only $18 wholesale price.

# 3 - Wild Orange essential oil is an amazing oil that is known for it’s calming properties and at the same time it is uplifting, so it is perfect for driving to stay awake and calm at the same time. Wholesale price is only $14 which great!

# 4 - Purify is a blend of essential oils which is perfect for eliminating odours, naturally. It contains the pure oils of; lemon, lime, fir, tea tree, citronella & cilantro. This oil’s wholesale price is $30 and can be used for general house cleaning also.

# 5 - 'Easy Air' or 'Breathe' Essential oil blend is another one to cleanse the air and refresh your car. This fresh smelling blend also has antiseptic properties and can assist with respiratory issues during the colder months or hayfever in spring. Perfect for stuffy nosed kiddies too!

‘But Renee’…(I hear you say)…Where do I put my essential oils in my car?

Yes. I hear you. I had this very frustration too and this is why I invented the ‘aromaLEAF Car’. When I first used oils, I was told to use a wooden peg and clip it to my car vent!? Really? That looks silly I thought.

So, if you want more info about car diffusers or these essential oils, head over to my Facebook page or Instagram @aroma_leaf

Feel free to send me an email for any other questions.

Thanks for reading,

Take nature with you...

Renèe xo

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