3 Simple Ways to Detox Your Home

3 Simple Ways to Lower Indoor Toxins within the Home that Might Surprise You.

1️⃣ Biology 101 taught us all the plants breathe in Co2 and breathe out oxygen right? A simple trick is to add some indoor plants to help improve air quality. Plants can help to clean the air. Plants can clean indoor air by absorbing toxins, increasing humidity, and producing oxygen. Be sure to cover the soil area with some pebbles or mulch to avoid the plant drying out but also to avoid the soil letting off nasties into the air too.

2️⃣ Regularly open your doors and windows to allow the fresh air inside your home and to let out any toxic air that may have accumulated over time. It’s also good to let light in to help reduce mould build up. You can put your bedding in the sunshine ☀️ too to help this!  You should also dust and vacuum regularly to prevent build up of dust, which can contain mircoplastics and other harmful chemicals.

3️⃣ Diffuse essential oils, using an ultrasonic diffuser. Get rid of your candles too! YES I said it. Candles can actually increase toxins within the home, even the nice quality ones. In fact, some are so toxic because of the synthetic fragrances that are being used and burned into the air making them highly carcinogenic. Best thing to do is change it up to using pure and high quality essential oils which have cleansing properties, which can help with air quality. Not all essential oils are created equal too...and this is not a regulated industry so doTERRA are the best I have found. You can find more about this and each batch they make at the www.sourcetoyou.com to look at all the sourcing and testing that was done on the bottle. Cleansing oils like Lemon, TeaTree, Eucalyptus, Peppermint are my favourite for the home or there are also a few blends like the On Guard - protective blend, Easy Air are also great! These are all in the basic Family Essentials pack too. . Purchase these here:  www.mydoterra.com/aromaleaf


Most home toxins found in the home are not just in things like air fresheners. But they are THE WORST! They can be found in clothing, linens, couches, and other household items containing things like flame retardants.

Things like phthalate-filled air fresheners, couches manufactured with flame retardant, and Teflon pans made with harmful PFCs. These chemicals are linked to a number of adverse health effects, including cancer, developmental defects, and reproductive issues.

Car Air fresheners are the WORST! You are in a small space like a car and you're breathing in toxins that whole time! YUCK. Just add essential oils like the ones I suggested above and you're not only getting a lovely smelling car but you're also getting the aromatic benefits of pure plants while you drive. This can also help you focus, be uplifted and create a harmonious environment, depending on the essential oils you use in the car too. I love Peppermint and Lemon or Eucalyptus on the aromaLEAF eco car diffuser that I invented.

Be sure to air out to your home and keep it dust free as best you can to help keep inside toxins at a low.

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Renee xo

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